3DHS/ Extreme Flight 106″ Demonstrator Edge 540

3DHS/ Extreme Flight 106″ Demonstrator Edge 540

106″ Demonstrator Edge 540

3DRC Hobbies Demonstrator Edge

3DRC Hobbies latest edition to our ever growing and changing hanger of 3D Aerobatic airplanes! This special Edge 540 has been equipped with a DA-120 twin cylinder 120cc 12hp engine and Falcon carbon fiber 27 x 11 propeller. It is controlled by a Jeti radio, which is one of the world’s most advanced rc radio systems. Control surfaces are activated by MKS X8 HBL380 high torque, high voltage servos.


Winspan: 106″
Length: 103″
Wing Area: 2025 Sq. Inches
Weight 26 lbs.


  • Desert Aircraft DA-120 engine 120cc (12hp)
  • Falcon Carbon Fiber 27″ x 11″ propeller
  • AeroLite Mfg 1″ aluminum engine mount
  • SWB Doublelock servo arms
  • Fourtitude 32 Fuel Tank
  • Fourtitude 32 Smoke Tank
  • Morse Aircraft Development (M.A.D Fab RC) 32oz Dual Fuel Cage
  • JEM Aluminum Fuel Dots


  • Jeti DS-16 24 channel transmitter
  • Jeti CB200 Power Distribution Unit w/three R3/RSW Receivers
  • 8 – MKS X8 HBL380 servos (Torque: 569.38 oz/in / Speed: 0.082 sec)
  • Tech Aero IBEC Ignition Engine Kill Switch
  • Powerbox Smoke Pump
  • 2 – PULSE LIPO 3600mAh 7.4V RX- Ultra Power Series Batteries
  • Morse Aircraft Development (M.A.D Fab RC) Jeti CB200 Mount
  • Morse Aircraft Development (M.A.D Fab RC) Jeti Antenna Mounts

The 3DHS Demonstrator Edge 540 features many forward thinking ideas and concepts that make it a truly unique model among the current ARF offerings. It features an amazing color scheme designed by Arron Bates that takes full advantage of the new photo-realistic print technology we have pioneered. Carbon ghost flames, pinstripes and fades that are reminiscent of a custom painted hotrod are all part of what may be the coolest ARF color scheme ever produced! And just wait until you pull the canopy off and look inside! Carbon fiber everywhere! A large portion of the interior is made from carbon fiber laminated plywood and features carbon fiber longerons, carbon fiber laminated wing root, carbon fiber wing tube, stab tube, main gear, tailwheel and a specially painted carbon fiber spinner to match the color scheme.

The Edge 540 is a legendary full scale aerobatic aircraft, unique for its distinctive straight leading edge wing. Nothing else looks like an Edge in the air. The wing design, however, is not just for looks. The straight leading edge and forward swept trailing edge give the wing distinctive flight characteristics in 3D flight. You’ll notice easier, more instinctive, and smoother harrier flights, as harrier turns, even tight ones, require less compensation from other controls. The result is a big friendly airplane that you can toss around down low with total confidence.