12″ Dual MPX HD Servo Harness


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12″ Dual MPX HD Servo Harness

Dimensions are: 12″ from connector to receiver / 12″ from connector to servo connector.

Use this heavy duty dual servo connection plug from 2 wing servos into one plug in which you only have to plug or unplug one connector instead of two each time you set up our airplane.

  • Perfect on any plane were you have dual servos in one wing panel.

No more marking each servo connector so you plug in the correct servo.
Use a MPX high amp connection plug
Stays connected even when put through high stress flights.
Heavy Duty 20 AWG 100 strand wire
Running (4) aileron servos? Running flaps and ailerons on each wing panel? Tired of marking and making 4 connections all the time? Here is the ultimate solution!! Great for warbirds and aerobatic 30%-50% wing panels.

Two high quality 20 AWG (NOT 22 AWG)silicon copper tinned servo extensions hard wired to (ONE) MPX high amp connection. Basically run (2) separate channels on your RX and make one connection!
Each set includes one MPX and 2x male jr/universal radio pins and wire and one MPX and 2x female universal radio connectors all made up and ready to use!.