16oz Double Fuel Cell Cage (M.A.D. Fab) Red


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16oz Double Fuel Cell Cage(M.A.D. Fab) Red

These M.A.D Fab Double Fuel/Smoke Cell Cage will fit both the 16oz Fourtitude fuel and smoke tanks when you need a double tank holder if your going to have a smoke system in your airplane.


L=6.5” W=5 ¼” H=3 ¼”
Weight= 65 grams/2.25 OZ without backing plate
Backing plate weight= 21 grams/.75OZ with hardware

Back Plate is a option and is a additional charge.

These Fuel Cell Cages were designed to be a fast and clean way to install your fuel cell/tanks in your airplane. Get that professional look in just minutes. Simply cut the parts from the tabs and Ca the cage together. The cage provides a safe and clean install. With built in strain reliefs and guides for your vent loops, getting that great look has never been easier. Made from a light weight aircraft plastic it provides a light weight option, that is fuel proof out of the package. No fuel proofing required. The back plate offers protection against the tank and wing tube coming in contact. There is an optional backing plate that mounts in the tunnel allowing for a bolt in application. This is the way we mount all of our fuel tanks, it provides the safest install. The back plate comes with all the 6/32 hardware required for installation. The strain reliefs have clearance for up to ¼” outside diameter fuel line. Custom cages are offered if you require bigger line. Offered in three colors, the cage is certain to be a perfect fit in your next project.