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My name is Kelley Payne (vegasking1961 or vegasking) on the forums Flying Giants and RC Groups, and have been in the RC Hobby for over close to 41 years. I am a very active flyer of the larger gas rc model airplanes mainly 3D/Aerobatic types from companies like 3D Hobby Shop and Extreme Flight. I started this online hobby shop because every new airplane that I got, I ended up having to buy parts to finish it at so many different places scattered across the United States. And each time I end up paying extra in shipping costs because of it and the extra time it takes to order from so many places. The other problem I’ve found is that a lot of the times when ordering several items from one online store they may be out of certain items and you end up buying that item from another store anyway. Our goal for 3DRC Hobbies is to be your one stop shop for most of the best proven items to have a top quality 3D RC airplane.